Understanding Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes

It’s easy to find information about diabetes, but not so easy to know how much of that information is really accurate.

"Just eliminate sugar."

"Insulin causes diabetes “complications.”

"Type 2 diabetes is really nothing to worry about."

These are just a few of the absolutely wrong “facts” you may hear about diabetes.

When you’re responsible for your own health – and you are – you need to have confidence that the guidance you follow about managing diabetes is correct. Toby is not only professionally qualified to provide that guidance, she follows her own advice every day. Most importantly, she has almost 50 years of excellent health in spite of diabetes to prove the point.


  • Learn what diabetes really is. You don’t have to earn your medical degree, but knowing a little about diabetes helps you understand why your medications and lifestyle choices can help preserve your long term health.
  • Got Toby’s insights on keeping a balance – how you can make effective diabetes management a practical part of your “real” life.