Eating Healthy

Eating healthier is the biggest lifestyle challenge most people with diabetes face, but also the most important. Food has a direct and immediate impact on blood glucose levels, and over the longer term on your weight, your blood pressure, heart disease risks, and even your mood.

If you think eating healthy means learning to love bland and tasteless food by the thimble full, think again. Healthy eating is easier when you understand the concepts, and have lots of tasty options you can choose. And, you’ll get both right here.

  • Toby admits she’s no expert in the kitchen, but then most likely you aren’t either. Luckily, she’s convinced some of her more skillful friends to share recipes from their popular books with you, and you can join Toby in the kitchen on these videos to see just how simple healthy eating can be.
  • Confused about food and your health? The popular media is always buzzing about some diet secret, but you can’t believe everything you read. Toby knows nutrition and diabetes, and it’s hard to argue with her success. Get your nutrition facts from an expert right here.