Keys to Living Well with Diabetes

The Keys to Living Well

Diabetes is a unique condition. Often, we can maintain good health and live a relatively normal life because diabetes can be managed. But, the responsibility for managing diabetes is, for the most part, our own  self-management. It is an extremely important and challenging responsibility. Our success at managing diabetes – at preserving our health – depends upon simple “lifestyle” choices we make each day. DiabetesEveryDay will help you make these choices.

Understanding Diabetes

You cannot manage diabetes effectively without accurate information.  We make sure you understand diabetes and diabetes self-management.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthier is essential for managing diabetes effectively, but it’s not easy. We find fabulous diabetes-friendly recipes, and show you how to eat healthier every day.

Being Physically Active

Exercise brings so many benefits to our health, but we don’t have to spend hours in a gym. We’ll show you how to work physical activity into your “regular” life.

Taking Medications and Monitoring Your Health

There is a medical side to diabetes self-management, and we help you understand the importance of maintaining a schedule for medication and monitoring.

Reducing Stress

Stress not only makes it harder to focus on self-management responsibilities, but also has a direct physical impact on our health. Diabetes is stressful, but we help you cope.

Staying Motivated

Effective diabetes self-management can be a big change in lifestyle, and we will help keep you focused on your long term health and motivated to address the challenges.