Emergency Evacuations and Diabetes Management

Emergency Evacuations and Diabetes Management

It was a 2017 replay of Hurricane Matthew with Hurricane Irma, this year, triggering our Governor’s order of a mandatory evacuation for our area of South Carolina. Planning is always important for effective diabetes management, and when facing a potential emergency it is absolutely essential. And, experience is golden.

We had, for instance, fueled our cars at the first hint the storm’s track may involve us. We plotted our timing and a route to our Atlanta refuge to avoid the mass exodus on Interstates 95 and 75. We knew where our important papers were stashed, and which clothes to pack. And, I am always prepared to gather my diabetes supplies on a moment’s notice.

Most importantly, this time I knew that food availability could be unpredictable. There’s very early morning and very late evening travel on secondary roads, the potential for storm-related travel delays, and the reality that returning home can be more challenging than being evacuated – power outages following Hurricane Matthew had left our hometown groceries unable to open for business.

The perfect fit for me this time was a stash of NuGo Slim bars . The NuGo Slim bar was a perfect combination of nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and fat) to use as a meal replacement or snack, relieving hunger and keeping blood sugar steady. Plus, it has only 2-3g sugar from Real Dark Chocolate and chicory root fiber, no maltitol or artificial sweeteners.

These bars served as my “go to nutrition bar” for breakfast that morning we evacuated. And even though we were lucky to have no damage at home this time, those NuGo Slim bars kept my huger at bay and my blood sugars in sync by candlelight during an 18 hour power outage caused by tropical storm Irma, who followed us all the way to Atlanta. You can never be too prepared.

Find very low glycemic NuGo Slim at your local store. Use code TOBYSLM for 15% off NuGo Slim online through 3/5/2018. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Mint and Brownie Crunch but I also like Roasted Peanut too - it's hard to pick just one.

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  1. Agree–it is so important to pack nutritious foods and snacks during the ‘hurricane pre and post’ survival mode! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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