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Before You Spring Ahead, Look Back At Your Diabetes Management

Today is the first day of spring- the vernal equinox, and the perfect time to take a look at your diabetes management success over the winter. Maybe I should explain. Most of us see spring as a time for new beginnings, and that makes perfect sense. In many places flowers are blooming, and here in the...
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How Competent is Your Caretaker

Effectively managing diabetes every day to avoid potentially terrible health "complications" requires a really competent caretaker guiding our daily management behaviors. Has your caretaker invested enough time and effort into learning about diabetes and effective management of this chronic disease? See the full video clip, and find out if your caretaker is competent enough.

Get Toby’s Secrets For Staying Motivated – Keep a Record

We've heard that the pen is mightier than the sword. So can the mighty pen help improve diabetes self-management? Toby says "absolutely", and she can prove it.

Here's our "trailer" for the record keeping video.
Want to improve weight management success or diabetes management effectiveness? It doesn't get any simpler than simply keeping a pen and paper handy. Watch this video on record keeping and diabetes management.