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Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but so many skip this head start on diabetes management altogether. Effective diabetes management is easier when we spread healthy meals across our day, so check in with Toby on this video for some great ideas for diabetes-friendly (and quick, quick, quick) breakfasts.

Two Thumbs Up for “The Complete Diabetes Organizer”

As I hope you’ve noticed, I’ve managed to keep free of advertising, the idea being that whenever I endorse or recommend a product you’ll know it’s coming straight from me without any financial influence. And, having the dual personality- person with diabetes and...
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Impulsive Eating? Blame Your Brain

Researchers at the University of North Carolina reported, in a study published in the journal Science, that stimulating certain cells connecting the amygdala and the hypothalamus of mice could stimulate impulsive overeating- "voracious feeding behavior"-  even when the mice were well fed. These particular areas of the brain are a part of what’s called the...
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Painted into a Corner- feeling trapped with diabetes?

>"Painted into a Corner" is a colorful phrase that has two very different meanings. One meaning is 'trapped by our own bad decisions", and many people with diabetes suffer from the guilt of poor past lifestyle choices. Guilt can keep us stuck, and interfere with making positive changes to better manage diabetes. Toby has another way to look at the phrase "painted into a corner" that might just set you free.

Here's the video trailer for your entertainment