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Toby’s Advice- Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Potash

If you’re a gardener I’ll bet that title and photo got your attention. Potash is a common component of fertilizers, used to provide potassium to plants. Potassium (chemical symbol K) is important for us humans too, and in generous quantities compared to other “micronutrients.” Potassium helps nerves carry signals, works to facilitate muscle contraction (including...
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Blood Glucose Testing…do it often and do it right

Testing our own blood sugar levels is an important part of effective diabetes management, but it's important to do it correctly for accuracy and comfort. Watch Toby demonstrate how to monitor blood glucose for better diabetes management.

1% Reduction in A1C- A “Big Deal”

We’ve heard a lot about “the 1%”, referring to the very wealthy, in the recent US political campaign, and opinions are divided. There’s another 1% in the field of diabetes care about which opinions are divided, and that relates to HbA1C. HbA1C, or simply A1C, is a measure which estimates average blood sugar levels over...
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Blood Sugar Control Shows Huge Impact on Long Term Health

An observational study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has shown that reducing A1C levels by less than 1%, to a target of 7%, had a huge effect on the incidence of death from cardiovascular causes as well as the occurrence of heart-related “events” and cardiovascular events. Observing more than 18,000 individuals having diabetes...
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