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Pimento Cheese

Those of you from the southern US will already have a special recipe for pimento cheese, but think about this simple formula for a healthier version. Those who aren't familiar with the little "cherry pepper" should get ready for a real treat.

This recipe comes to you just in time for holiday Hors d’Oeuvres, so watch this video and let Toby give some tips on how to gain new friends with this special spread.

Spicy Sweet Potatoes


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Whole Wheat French Toast with Quick Berry Sauce

On the menu this week for Valentine's Day is this sweet and red French toast recipe that is easy enough for someone to make and serve to you in bed. Sweets are not off of the menu for diabetes-friendly eating, but we prefer getting our sweetness from healthy whole foods like the strawberries and raspberries included in the berry sauce.'s two servings per person for you and your Valentine!