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Toby Loves Potato and Eggplant Stew

Potatoes can be a challenge to effective diabetes management. One issue is that potatoes have a high glycemic index, meaning the glucose stored in a potato's starch is liberated quickly during digestion and quickly raises blood glucose levels. But the biggest challenge is our concept of portion size when thinking about potatoes. We may picture a baked potato the size of a small football as being "just right", but a portion size of white potato that's one carb choice (15 grams carbohydrate) is 3 ounce. That's about one fourth a medium potato - a 12 ounce white potato is 60 grams carbohydrate.

Potatoes are too healthy to ignore, however. One strategy to create a potato dish with a more generous portion size is to combine potatoes with mild tasting nonstarchy vegetables, and that's exactly what Chef Lindsey Singleton has done in this recipe. Join Toby as she prepares Potato and Eggplant Stew, and you'll see how this modification can keep potatoes in a healthy, diabetes-friendly diet.


Meal in a Potato

Given up potatoes? Don't do that! Join Toby as she prepares this delicious way to keep potatoes in your diet. After all, potatoes are healthy, and we don't believe in deprivation.

Light-as-a-Feather Zucchini Casserole

If you're under the impression that casseroles are off limits for diabetes, think again. Marlene Koch has shared a recipe from her book Eat More of What You Love, and zucchini never tasted so good. Plus, a cheesy casserole at 10 grams carbohydrate and 3 grams total fat- magic.

Join Toby as she prepares Light-as-a-Feather Zucchini casserole, and you'll be impressed.