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Meet Toby Smithson – Your Guide to Thriving With Diabetes

Toby Smithson has some special insights into thriving with diabetes. Being a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator gives her undeniable credibility "on paper", but it's thriving every day with diabetes herself- for more than 45 years- that should really get your attention. She knows the challenges and the frustrations, but more importantly she knows the possibilities. Diabetes doesn't put good health out of reach, and you can live in good health with diabetes too.

The first step, imagine how constant lifestyle support and guidance could help. The next step, take a look at what Toby offers at DiabetesEveryDay Managing diabetes effectively for good health is not just knowing what to do, but also feeling motivated and supported to make the commitment. Try DiabetesEveryDay, and let Toby guide the way.

Emergency Evacuations and Diabetes Management

It was a 2017 replay of Hurricane Matthew with Hurricane Irma, this year, triggering our Governor’s order of a mandatory evacuation for our area of South Carolina. Planning is always important for effective diabetes...
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Diabetes Friendly and EASY-Lemon Garlic Salmon

Join Toby as she prepares one of our favorite healthy dishes. Lemon Garlic Salmon has only five easy ingredients, and can be whipped up in only a few minutes. And, by the way, it's delicious. It's a frequent item on our weekly menu for a good reason.

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Early this year Toby produced a video for titled "Good Carbs, Bad Carbs." This two minute clip has registered 144,000 views on Facebook so far, and stimulated some intense discussion, especially from the "carbs are poison" crowd. Since Toby's nearing the 49 years with diabetes...
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Toby’s Diabetes “Power Foods”

In Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition for Dummies Toby listed her top 10 diabetes "power foods", food we should try and have regularly. In this video she reveals three of those powerful ten that share a couple of very important things in common. Watch this clip and see if you know what these foods share, and see if you can find a way to have them more often.