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Decisions, Decisions- Food and Diabetes

Any idea how many food-related decisions you're confronted with each day? How about more than 200!! But, often we don't even recognize those moments as an opportunity to make a different and better decision- we eat mindlessly. Interested in learning how you can eat more effectively? This video could help. Any...
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New Type 2 Diabetes Resource

There's a new online resource specifically for those with type 2 diabetes, and we thought you should know about it. provides a combination of educational and practical resource information, and an online community for connecting with other patients. Online communities can be extremely valuable in building a virtual group of friends who understand...
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Severe Diabetes Alert!!

Yesterday was “Diabetes Alert Day” which urges people to take a diabetes risk test, and talk to a health care provider when their risk is shown to be high. Diabetes Alert Day looks to address the alarming estimate that more than 25% of diabetes...
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