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Impulsive Eating? Blame Your Brain

Researchers at the University of North Carolina reported, in a study published in the journal Science, that stimulating certain cells connecting the amygdala and the hypothalamus of mice could stimulate impulsive overeating- "voracious feeding behavior"-  even when the mice were well fed. These particular areas of the brain are a part of what’s called the...
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The Importance of Leisure to Diabetes Management

Finding time for leisure could be just what the doctor ordered. It turns out that freeing time for enjoyment and relaxation of body and mind can have impressive benefits to your health, and especially to your diabetes management. 

Here's a trailer for the video on leisure.

Stress is difficult to avoid, but chronic stress is a barrier to effective diabetes management, and a drag on our overall health. However, participating in regular leisure activities can go a long way toward relieving's so important, in fact, that Toby considers it part of her essential commitment to diabetes management, priority. But what counts as leisure? Check this clip and find out.