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Commentary on developments in the fields of diabetes management and treatment; nutrition; and healthy lifestyle choices.

Beeting High Blood Pressure?

A study published last month in the online journal Hypertension found that beet juice significantly lowered blood pressure in a small group of individuals with high blood pressure over a 24 hour period. Systolic blood pressure dropped an average of 11.2 mm of mercury, and diastolic by 9.6 mm, within 6 hours of consuming  250...
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Blood Sugar Testing Ineffective- Now I’m Mad!!

Here’s a story that made me really mad!! Uriëll L. Malanda of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and colleagues reviewed about a dozen studies to look at the effectiveness of blood sugar self-monitoring, based upon improvements in HbA1C levels and upon patient “satisfaction”, “general well being” and health-related “quality of life”.  A1C estimates average...
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Can Coffee Prevent Islet Cell Destruction?

Coffee seems to reduce the risk for diabetes by a significant degree, but the mechanisms are unclear. We posted a study a year ago which suggested that coffee helps to regulate the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, elevated levels of which have been shown to increase diabetes risk. Chinese researchers have proposed that...
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