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Early Morning Exercise for Blood Pressure Improvements

A presentation at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Second World Congress on Exercise is Medicine suggests that early morning exercise is more beneficial to blood pressure and to getting a good night’s sleep than a workout at 1 PM or 7 PM. Appalachian State University's Dr. Scott Collier...
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Exercise Improves Diabetes Glucose Control

People with type 2 diabetes can make a significant improvement to their glucose control by getting just over 20 minutes of exercise a day. In a new summary of the research, doctors pooled the data on exercise to get a better overall picture. The results were encouraging. Taking part in any exercise program that lasted at...
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New Guidelines for Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes

New guidelines stress the crucial role that physical activity plays in the management of Type 2 diabetes: physicians should prescribe exercise.... Developed by a panel of 9 experts, the new guidelines are published concurrently in the December issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Diabetes Care. "High-quality studies establishing the importance of exercise and...
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