Before You Spring Ahead, Look Back At Your Diabetes Management

Before You Spring Ahead, Look Back At Your Diabetes Management

Today is the first day of spring- the vernal equinox, and the perfect time to take a look at your diabetes management success over the winter. Maybe I should explain.

Most of us see spring as a time for new beginnings, and that makes perfect sense. In many places flowers are blooming, and here in the Chicago area I couldn’t help but notice that the skunks seem to be frolicking. I would be preparing my garden today as a spring ritual if not for the snow and frozen ground hanging on late this year, but my decision to do some spring cleaning instead led me to an exciting discovery.

While cleaning out old files I found an impressive certificate (photo posted) which shows that I successfully completed a workshop for “young diabetics” in July 17, 1969, about 9 months after my diagnosis. Perhaps that workshop is what first set me on my long, and still successful, journey with diabetes, but I’ve learned a lot since. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to look back every now and then to evaluate our successes, or to acknowledge what we might be doing more effectively. Maybe it’s past time for an A1C in the lab, or we can look at blood glucose patterns from routine testing records. Diet and exercise are two important self-management keys we can consider too, and don’t forget that if you’ve done well it’s an opportunity to pat yourself firmly on the back.

The thing is, we can get on “autopilot” and just keep doing the same things by habit. I like to look back at my diabetes management history and make some tweaks on my birthday in the summer, and as a New Year’s resolution, for example. And, the first day of spring is another perfect time to see how I’ve held up during the winter. Springing ahead, with the flowers and the skunks, is only a good idea if you know where you need to go. So, before you spring, take a quick look behind.

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